Thursday, December 31, 2009

Emotional Health

Emotional health is a big, BIG part of being physically healthy. Read that last sentence again. If you are not emotionally healthy, you will not feel good physically. I recently read an interesting article by Dr. Ted Koren, DC. Here are some thoughts from the article.

Emotional health is dependent on being connected to yourself and to others. The more connected you are to yourself, the more you can connect with others and the more fulfilling your connections (relationships) will be. The more good relationships you have in your life, the more happiness, joy, hope, optimism and vitality you will have. You will feel and be healthier, live longer, and you will recover more quickly from physical and emotional traumas.

Are you emotionally disconnected? Do you hold pockets of unresolved anger, fear, resentment, pain or other emotions locked up in your body and mind? Whatever the cause of those bottled up emotions, whether it is abuse, conflict with others, etc., these trapped emotions keep us from living fully in the present because some of our energy is still living in the past.

Past traumas and fears can manifest as physical ailments and emotional stress. They disconnect us from our deeper selves. When we are out of touch with our emotional wellness, our intuition is clouded, our life's purpose is confused, and we have difficulty forming healthy relationships. All of this can lead to disease.

Just as toxins can build up in our bodies from our physical environment, so toxic emotions can build up inside of us and make us just as sick, if not more sick. Make it a goal to rid your body and mind of toxic emotions, feelings and beliefs. A good book to read on this subject is: FREE TO LOVE, FREE TO HEAL by David Simon, MD. You can heal your body by healing your emotions.

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