Monday, November 16, 2009

Soli Wellness

I don't want to be a walking commercial for anyone, but I have to mention Soli Wellness Center because they have been such a big part of my path to healing. Dr. Randy at Soli has been a friend of our family since my kids were little and we lived in his ward in Layton. He took care of Devin after he was born with a dislocated neck and shoulder. For about a year, Randy came to our home weekly and worked with Devin, helping him overcome his injuries and preventing any lasting deformations of his head. I trusted him with my infant son implicitly, so I'm not sure why it took me so long to entrust my health to him as well. I guess I just thought I was healthy enough, and I was at that point in my life where I didn't have a lot of time to focus on myself.

Now I realize that it is not selfish to focus on my own health and take extremely good care of my body. I wish I had realized it sooner, because then I could have avoided some health problems, but I am happy that at least now, I know.

I visit Soli usually 2 times a week, and I do the turbosonic, which is a whole body vibration therapy, and a footbath detox, which is a way of removing toxins from your body. If you want more info about the services offered at Soli, you can visit their website at:

If you have come to the realization, as I have, that the solution to every illness or discomfort we feel is not in a chemical or pill we put in our bodies to mask the symptoms, then you will like Soli.

One of my favorite parts about Soli, besides the wonderful people who work there, is the four core belief statements. They are:

I believe that I can be well now.

I choose to be well now.

I totally and completely love myself if I am well now.

I totally and completely love myself if I am not well now.

Even if you don't visit Soli, you can start to incorporate these core beliefs into your daily life.
Repeat them every day until you start to believe them. You will be surprised at how much power your mind has over your physical wellness.

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