Thursday, April 15, 2010


One of the greatest threats to our well-being and health is toxic overload from harmful substances in our environment. Many downplay the threat from chemicals such as fertilizers, pesticides and pollution, but more and more people are beginning to recognize the danger these things pose.

Your body will be able to eliminate these unwanted substances if you keep four systems functioning properly.

1. The urinary system -- Drink plenty of water
2. The gastrointestinal system -- Eat plenty of fiber to ensure regular bowel function
3. The respiratory system -- Exercise your respiratory system regularly with deep breathing
4. The skin -- Periodically increase your output of sweat through aerobic exercise or exposure to heat such as saunas or steam baths.

Try to minimize your exposure to toxic chemicals by:

* Using air and water filters in your home. I have a reverse osmosis water purifier in my kitchen, or you can use a pitcher with a filter in it. I also use a Holmes air purifier, a Sharper Image ultrasonic humidifier, and shower heads that filter out chlorine and other chemicals that can be absorbed through the skin.

* Buy organic produce whenever you can, or even better, grow your own! Local farmers markets and other fruit and vegetable stores are a good place to start.

* Avoid processed foods that contain chemical dyes (label will say "certified color", "artificial color", or a specific name like "red no. 3) and artificial sweeteners (saccharin, aspartame).

* Try to only take pain relievers and other otc drugs when you absolutely have to. Instead of popping a couple of tylenol when you have a headache, try lying down and relaxing in a cool, dark room. Your liver has to process any chemicals you put into your body, and it can get overburdened.

* Use cosmetics, shampoos, conditioners and lotions that do not contain chemical dyes. Look for brands that are colorless, white, or are tinted using vegetable extracts.

* Clean your home using natural cleaning products, or good old hot water. I have a steam mop that I use to clean my hard floors, and it only uses water, no chemicals. You can clean mirrors and sinks with a spray bottle filled with water and a little vinegar added and wipe with a microfiber rag or sponge.

* I am still struggling with this one, but use propellant-free room freshening sprays. I recently found one at Target by Air Wick called Aqua Mist. It comes in liquid form in a spray bottle instead of a can.

* Take protective antioxidants to help your body block the chemical reactions by which many toxins cause harm. Vitamins C and E are good supplements, as well as selenium and beta carotene.

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