Monday, March 18, 2013

Too Busy to Be Healthy? I Don't Think So!

Life is busy.  But it should never be so busy that your health or the health of your family suffers.  If you wait until life is not busy anymore to start taking care of your health, it may be too late by then.  Besides, when is life ever going to get less busy?? Probably never!  

Here are 7 easy ways I came up with to help you be more healthy while taking little or no time out of your daily schedule.  I hope some or all of them will work for you!

7 Ways to be Busy AND Healthy -- at the Same Time!

1.  Have a schedule.  Sit down on a Sunday (or whatever day you choose) and plan your menu for the week.  Look at the family's schedule, and see what nights you will be home and can actually prepare a meal.  Make your shopping list right then and be sure to take it to the store with you.  Knowing ahead of time what you are going to prepare each day takes the stress off of you, and your kids will actually like knowing what is going to be served that week.
For a great meal planning website, visit

2.  Call ahead to the deli or meat department of your grocery store before you go shopping and have your order prepared for you to pick up when you get there.  This saves the time of having to wait in line once you are at the store.

3.  Join a CSA.  CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture.  It is a great way to get locally grown, fresh produce every week.  You buy a share of a local farmer's produce that you pick up once a week.  I did this last year and our family loved it. The CSA even sent me recipes to go along with the produce we were getting each week.  To find a CSA near you, visit

4.  Combine family time with exercise time. Instead of a movie, go roller-blading, ice skating, mini golfing, swimming, bike riding or kite flying as a family activity.

5.  Put fresh fruit in a bowl and leave it on the kitchen counter. Kids will love being able to grab a banana, apple or tangerine when they come in from playing or as they are running out the door.  It also is a good reminder to reach for a healthy snack rather than a not-so-healthy alternative.

6.  Take water with you.  Everywhere.  Never leave your house without a jug or container of some kind that you can keep refilling. Have your kids bring one of their own as well (so they don't end up drinking all of yours).  :)

7.  Have your food delivered.
Grocery shopping can be pretty stress-free when the groceries are delivered to your home.  You can have fresh, local, hormone-free milk, breads, meats, frozen vegetables and fresh produce delivered right to your front door.   You may think shopping at the store is cheaper, but how much are you spending on extra stuff that gets thrown in the cart every time you shop?  
For delivery of dairy products, meats, breads, produce, even water softener salt, visit
For delivery of frozen meats, vegetables, and fruit,

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